With just weeks until election day, every dollar counts. Can you chip in to help our campaign?

We’re entirely funded by generous donations. In the countdown to the referendum, every dollar counts. Can you chip in to help us reach as many New Zealanders as possible before election day on 17 October?

Your donation will make sure terminally ill New Zealanders who want a choice at the end of life, are heard in the run-up to the vote.

Yes for Compassion

How do other New Zealanders feel about the End of Life Choice Act?

Kiwis from all walks of life are voting YES at the End of Life Choice referendum in September. Hear their stories and find out why they need your YES.

Bobbie needs your YES

Hi, I’m Bobbie and I’m living with cancer. Watch my video to hear why I need your YES on 17 October.

David wants a choice

Hi, I’m David and I have a terminal illness. Please watch my video and hear why I want choice at the end of my life.