Our Stories

Personal stories are powerful ways to change minds. New Zealanders from all walks of life have shared theirs. We’d love to hear yours. Complete the short form below to tell us why you’re voting YES in the End of Life Choice referendum.

Bobbie needs your YES

Hi, I’m Bobbie and I’m living with cancer. Watch my video to hear why I need your YES on 17 October.

David wants a choice

Hi, I’m David and I have a terminal illness. Please watch my video and hear why I want choice at the end of my life.

Te Hurinui is voting YES for his mother

Kia ora, I’m Te Hurinui. I’m here to tell you about my Mother’s experience with cancer and why I believe assisted dying fits with tikanga Māori.

Heather doesn’t want other Kiwis to suffer like her husband Richard

Hello, I’m Heather. My husband Richard was dying of cancer and decided to take his life rather than suffer against his wishes at the end. With the End of Life Choice Act, his death would have been so much better.

Bev is voting YES for her late husband Dave

Hello, I’m Bev and I lost my dear husband Dave, a former Methodist minister, to cancer last year. Watch my video to hear why Dave would have wanted you to vote YES on 17 October.

Stu wants the choice to die on his own terms

Hi, I’m Stu and I have terminal cancer. It will rob me of precious time with my wife and family. Don’t let it also rob me of a death on my own terms.

Tanya: Having control brings huge peace of mind

Hello, my name’s Tanya. I’m 56 and I have Stage 4 incurable breast cancer. I live in Australia, but it doesn’t matter where you live – it’s now 2020, and when you live with a life-limiting disease you need choice at the end of your life. Watch my video to hear why.

Dr Libby Smales: This is about reducing suffering

Hi, I’m Dr Libby Smales. I’ve worked in palliative care for over two decades. By ticking YES at this referendum, you give people who are dying – and suffering unbearably – a choice. Watch my video to find out more about why I support YES.